Our Home Lodge is

Lake Country Freemasons No. 42

2911 N. Dousman Rd. Oconomowoc, WI 53066
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Simply Contact Us with a question, and one or more of our members will research the topic for you and reply with an answer.

If you are interested in having one or more representatives of Silas Shepherd Research Lodge do a presentation for your next Lodge function, Table Lodge, Festive Board or Friends Night, feel free to contact us to set that up. We can talk about something we already know, or if you have a particular topic you would like covered, we can research that for you and do a presentation on it.

Silas H. Shepherd Contact Info

Worshipful Master - Gary Pilgrim - eMail
Senior Warden Jeff Woolsley - eMail
Junior Warden Frank McKenna, PM - eMail
Secretary - Khristian E. Kay, PM - eMail

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Silas Shepherd's "ASK SILAS" Program

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Questions about Freemasonry? Contact the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin.