Submission Guidelines


Objective: Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research No. 1843, like other Masonic research lodges, was formed to study, research and record the history and philosophy of Freemasonry, to present scholarly papers at its meetings, and to publish and distribute its annual Transactions. The quarterly meetings provide the forum for the members to present their work in accomplishing this objective.


Deadline: Work is accepted year-round. Submitted need not be presented in lodge. For presentation at a quarterly meeting, works must be submitted prior to the meeting. Please also notify the Secretary two weeks prior to the meeting, for scheduling purposes. If you would like another member to present your work, please contact the Secretary. See Format & Style Guide below.


Stated Meetings, 2nd Saturday

March, June, September & December


Eligibility: Any member of Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research (SHSLR ) may submit his work for publication in the Transactions. Master Masons who are not members of SHSLR should contact the Secretary if they wish to submit their work.


Types of Work: Only original works will be accepted. Advise the Secretary if your work has been previously published elsewhere. Submitted works must be of a topic directly related to Freemasonry (according to you). Examples of works already published in the Transactions include:


Essays & Articles: Historical, Biographical, Philosophical

Reviews: of Books (Nonfiction or Fiction) or Articles


Memorials to Members of Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research


Topic: Freemasonry is universal and extensive. Topics that can be studied, researched, and presented are also universal and extensive. Masonic events, personages, and history provide fertile ground for the cultivation of ideas. Remember that you and your events and history are a part of the Masonic tapestry. Masonic symbols and examination of the intricacy of our ritual abound with opportunities.


Source of work presented: The mission of the Lodge is to publish and distribute the work of its

members in the Transactions. Your submission of a work for presentation and publication declares the work to be yours and authorizes the lodge to publish it as such. To publish anything that does not meet that definition is clearly a violation of our Masonic principles as well as serious breach of scholarly integrity.

Submission requirements:


Work must be typed in English.


The preferred method of submission is electronically, in either MS Word or .rtf format, however works may be submitted by postal mail. Hardcopies will be kept in the archives of the lodge and not returned to the author. (See email and postal addresses below)


There are no length requirements, but papers of more than 10 pages should include a short abstract.


All submissions must include information about the author (at least name and lodge affiliation).



Format & Style Guide


The best way to get an idea of the best format and style is to examine recent volumes of the Transactions of our lodge.


Citations: Sources are the foundation of research, and with the exception of original poetry and memorials submissions cannot be accepted without sources given. Endnotes are preferable to footnotes. In-text parenthetical citations may be used.


Endnotes should include the following:

            Author’s name, Title of work, Publisher, Date, page number cited


Bibliography at the end of your work should include the following:

            Author’s name. Title of work, and edition. Publisher. Date




Stevenson, David. The Origins of Freemasonry. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988.


Bernheim, Alain. “Did Early ‘High’ or Écossais Degrees Originate in France?” in Heredom 5 (1996), 87-113.


Images should be referred to in the text, and labeled numerically (e.g., Figure 1). Please note that at this time the Transactions are published in a black & white format. Please give the source of images used.




Questions? Contact:


Khristian E. Kay, Editor -

Khristian E. Kay, PM, Secretary –

Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research No. 1843, F. & A. M. of WI

335 S. Silver Lake St. Oconomowoc, WI 53066